About Me

Back in the day, I was originally headed towards a Journalism degree. I was even considered for a scholarship. But the people around me at the time weren't exactly what you'd call supportive of a career in writing, telling me I'd never get a job with a writing degree and that if I did, I wouldn't make enough to support myself. Yeah, I know...

I ended up going down the bunny trail of becoming a licensed therapist working with children and families. Over time and out of necessity, my writing shifted from short stories and novel outlines into case notes, court reports and psychological evaluations. Eventually, I was ground down and burned out...then I started writing again.

While I write fantasy novels and the occasional horror story, there are no massive body counts of randy teenagers at secluded summer camps. No chainsaw wielding madmen and no possession by malevolent spirits that make their victims crawl on the walls and ceilings. What can I say...some cliches are truly cliche.

I am nearing completion of the first draft of my work in progress, a fantasy novel tentatively entitled: Willowwacks.  I've decided to take fellow adventurers along with me on the unpredictable journey toward publication. You will be able to vicariously experience the thrills, chills and yes, even the agony of defeat. But you will also be with me when I eventually experience the joy of success.

Writing fantasy books is a complex undertaking of sometimes epic proportions, especially when you are tasked with building an imaginary world and a cast of thousands. I will share with you all of the sources of information, resources and inspiration I have found helpful in developing the architecture and inhabitants of my literary fantasy worlds.

I also have another blog: Alchemical Words where I review fantasy books and discuss all things related to the fantasy genre.

Glad to meet each and every one of you!